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MySS Member Savings to date: $102,480.72

My Strategic Shopping

What is My Strategic Shopping?

My Strategic Shopping (“MySS”) is an innovative, mobile program that saves families time and money on groceries with personalized price match grocery lists.

Price Matching allows you to get all of the best competing grocery store sales at Walmart, which not only maximizes your savings, it saves you time. Members average 30% savings on their groceries.

MySS does all the research gathering the best grocery store sales in your area; all you have to do is personalize your list to fit your family’s needs.

MySS also provides coupon match-ups on the list for those who want to supplement their price match savings.

In addition, MySS provides a unique and comprehensive 10-Point Grocery Saving Program that teaches all aspects of grocery savings strategies including price matching, coupons, budgeting and more!

It truly is as easy as Click, Shop and Save.

Unique Saving Advantages with MySS

  • Mobile website: click, shop and save anywhere you have internet service.
  • Personalized Price Match Grocery Lists: choose from hundreds of the best grocery sales each week.
  • Customized Grocery List: add your own items
  • Shopper Profile: isolates stores’ sales particular to your Walmart’s price match area.
  • Internet Coupon Match-Ups: printable links right on the list.
  • Automated Savings Calculations: tracks your weekly savings, and total savings since joining.
  • Automated Budget Calculations: tracks your weekly grocery total to help you stay within budget.
  • Customized Price Books:created by exporting your weekly list to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Video Tutorials and Grocery Blogs: teaching you the easiest ways to save.

Point 1: Price Matching

Welcome to Price Matching 101.

MySS emphasizes Price Matching over any other form of savings. It will yield a big savings return for you, on average about 30% on your price match items. Moreover, because MySS makes the grocery list for you, there is very little additional work you need to do aside from your regular grocery shopping. The following addresses all of the information you need to successfully price match so you can start saving big.

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Point 2: Store Brands

What is a store brand?

Products manufactured by the store under its private label. How much can I save buying store brand? Store brands can save you up to 30% on your groceries.

My Strategic Shopping digs deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of the generic vs national brand.

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Point 3: Coupons

Do you use coupons when grocery shopping?

If you are new to coupons it can feel a little overwhelming, but this tutorial allows you to choose how much you want to incorporate coupons into your Strategic Shopping.

After this tutorial you should feel comfortable and confident using coupons.

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Point 4: Price Book

What is a Price Book?

The Price Book is a great Strategic Shopper’s tool for educating yourself on sale’s prices and store’s sale cycles.

This tutorial will explain what a Price Book is and its benefits. It will then walk you through the steps to create your own.

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Point 5: Budget

Benefit of a budget.

A budget is you taking a proactive role in telling your money where to go, rather than a reactive role of seeing where it went at the end of the month. This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating a monthly grocery budget. It then breaks down the process even further into a weekly budget, which gives you greater control and restraint over your spending.

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Point 6: Pay with Cash

Why pay with cash?

Even very simple changes in habit, such as using cash instead of plastic, can have a considerable impact on your saving’s potential. Find out how a step as simple as using cash can save you money.

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Point 7: Make a List

Why make a list?

A list is a necessary tool in the Strategic Shopper’s savings arsenal. It is the Strategic Shopper’s “deliberate and calculated plan” for price matching. This point should be relatively easy to accomplish considering that MySS creates the Price Match Grocery List for you. This tutorial will explain the other reasons, in addition to Price Matching, why a list is so critical.

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Point 8: Shop Once a Week

Are you an impulse buyer?

This tutorial explains that when you have a deliberate and organized plan for shopping, it is fairly easy to limit your grocery shopping to just once a week.

It also explains how shopping more than once a week increases your risk of impulse buying.

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Point 10: Store Policies & Marketing Techniques

Is it really a good deal?

Store policies are the rules that shoppers have to abide by. A Strategic Shopper cannot have a “deliberate and conscientious plan” for shopping without knowing these rules.

Ever hear the phrase beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Marketing Techniques are the wolf and grocery store promotions can be the sheep’s clothing.

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